Best web design company in Kolkata

Welcome to Fox web. The Best web design company in Kolkata that works for you. We deliver bespoke cost-effective web development projects to individual clients needs from startup businesses to large international companies and national charity organizations. And our website works because they drive business. Efficient search engine optimization means all our clients hold top 10 positions on major search engines. Our team takes pride in delivering web solutions that work through a combination of experienced, creative talent and leading-edge technology.

We Create Website For your Business

We provides web design to large, medium, small businesses with creative, high impact and easy on the budget. We’re a customer service minded company that takes the time to ask questions, listen to your ideas, analyze your competitors, and get the job done. By understanding your business, we give you a web design solution that increases traffic and sales and stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Web Design Company in Kolkata

Here, you will get best web design & mobile app development to fully involve your customers with smart phones taking your business beyond the desktop. The expertise and creativity to reduce easy to navigate user-friendly web sites in house. This includes video the latest extremely powerful web design and outstanding photography without the need of outsource we are able to control everything for quality and effectiveness on every projects which we deliver.  We are one of the country’s leading web design company even more importantly we are happy approachable team that offers the friendly ongoing support and commitment your organization need and that means happy customers.

Web development

All type of website Development done here. One stop solution.

Software Solution

Add payment gateway to your website to get instant payment.

E Commerce

Sell your products directly from your website. Best E commerce.

Recharge Portal

Create Recharge Portal with your website with dedicated area.

Web ApP

All type of website Development done here. One stop solution.

Digital marketing

Add payment gateway to your website to get instant payment.

MObile App

Sell your products directly from your website. Best E commerce.

MLM Software

Create Recharge Portal with your website with dedicated area.

  • Higher Margins
  • Easy process of API integration
  • Best API Packages
  • User-Friendly Panel
  • Highly secured API Platform
  • All operators services in single API
  • Grow your Revenue with fewer resources
  • Expand customer reach within in less time
  • Development time Saving
  • Error Free Service
  • Ease integration of data and applications
  • Cost Effective

Our process in web design

First, Our web design company take the time to learn your business, learn about your products, and learn about what your customers are looking for.Next, we analyze your competition to see what works for them, and how we can make it work better.

Now comes the planning stages, where we begin drawing up a site map and rough outline of your website. We simplify and group like items together, resulting in much easier to navigate and fluid website’s.
It’s not until we have a solid plan in place that we begin the actual design work. We utilize the latest software and equipment, and build your site for optimum load time, ease of use, and browser compatibility. We ensure that your design will work the same for ALL your customers, regardless if they are on Windows, Mac, or Web TV.

Our business is helping your business. As you read through our site, we think you’ll see how we will take the time to explain how your website works and how it will help your business. A web site is a cost effective way to add new customers or even generate new streams of revenue.

Choose the perfect website plan

Our web design company understand what’s involved in a good website and  make people arrive at your, make people love your brand.a website design improve your business engagement and  increase your return on investment.

With over 12 year’s web design experience in web design industries, Fox Web is keen to the Internet’s ever-changing technologies. We employ all the latest software, and ensure that your website will load very fast, will be easy as pie to navigate, and will work perfectly – regardless of what browser or computer your customers are using.

The best Website Design Company

This is one stop solution for web design & Development including multiple programming languages and fully integrating mobile websites with the latest social media integration. And also you get, E commerce for online shopping and content management system so it’s easy for you to manage and update your own site.  Our back office web solution teams are always ready for real high tech and high powered operations.

The complete packages in one location and here are some of the services that can make it all work for you. High tech servers with full backup and 24 Hour support mean total reassurance powerful effective design includes everything from logos and corporate branding through to brochure design and print.

One stop web design solution for every industries

Fweb has really interesting range of products and we needed to showcase those products in an interesting and informative way. so that the user could find easily what they were looking for the thing that excites us.  now is that everybody is online when you build a website. it’s really important to consider right from the off mobile design.  just because of so many people use their mobiles and tablets to view what they want.  so if your website doesn’t work for that then it’s a problem. We make each and every website with 100% responsive design. the challenge to come up with a design that you can translate across browsers without losing any visual effects.

How our web designer works

Web Design is not just about having a pretty picture it’s very important to perform well in Google rankings. slow site might be frustrating for the user so that’s where the expertise of our hosting department comes in to make sure that it’s really fast.  We have got the perfect mix of expertise within our design development technical and digital teams. Fox web can create a positive experience for your users and we can create a successful website for yourself.

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